Orange and teal water marble nails (NOTD)

Busy week, late post : a different kind of water marble
Postarea de astazi: un alt fel de water marble

Produse folosite:
-Base coat / lac de baza
-Top flex no 265
-Astor quiq'n go no 361
-water / apa
-Alcohol spray
-top coat

Pasii urmati:

1.Aplicam lacul de baza
1.Apply the base coat
2 Aplicam doua straturi de oja orange
2. Apply two coats of orange nail polish
3.Ca sa obtinem acest efect picuram in apa oja albastru-verzui si dupa ce s-a intins dam cu un puf de alcool
3.To obtain this kind of marble put a drop of teal nail polish in the water and spray alcohol over it
4.Top coat si gata!
4.Top coat and done!


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