Manichiura zilei - oja gri si flori one stroke


Astazi m-am decis ca imi plac unghiile rotunjite :D . Am purces si am pilit forma dorita, apoi am facut o manichiura in ton cu vremea gri de afara. Ca sa mai indulcitesc un pic peisajul am facut si   un desen cu o floricica one stroke.

I have decided that i like round nails so today i have...round nails. Because here in Romania the weather is not so kind, mostly clouded, i made a gray mani, gray as the weather. To sweeten it up  I painted a one-stroke flower design.

Produse folosite:

-Base coat / lac de baza
-Flormar Supermatte no m126
-Acrylic paint / culori acrilice
-Matte top coat / top coat mat

Va multumesc pentru vizita!
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