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Have you heard of Millybridal (http://uk.millybridal.org/)? They are an online store that have gorgeous dresses, perfect for any glamorous ocassion like weddings, party or prom. 

When I first started browsing the internet for wedding dresses, I was looking for unique styles and details. I have always dreamed of finding "that" amazing dress, and here on Millybridal there are so many choieses that it seems imposible not to find the right one. Here are my favourite designs: 

A short, simple but classy dress that u can find here:

A marmaid dress with a lovely embrodery (here):
And a fabulous vintage design (here):

I know that choosing a prom dress is such a big deal. You want something that is totally you, that will look amazing on the dance flor and will make u stand out from the rest. I have gathered some gorgeous cheap prom dresses (http://uk.millybridal.org/browse/cheap-prom-dresses-c-109/) to inpire you.

First is a short and playful dress (here)

Second, a sexy red dress (here):
And the last is my favorite (here):

Hope you liked my picks! 
Thanks for the visit!

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