Love prom dresses? Here are my top 3 picks (P)

Dresses, dresses an dresses. I adore them!!! Nothing can make you look more feminine than a cute dress. And they are so versatile that you could easily wore the same dress in the summer or in the winter, if you accessorize it properly.  That can be a really money saver solution.
Today I am going to show you some gorgeous dresses that I found at Millybridal

They are perfect for an important event, like prom or wedding, but also for...a date, if you want to look dazzling.
Look at this dress, it's has awesome details and looks fantastic: (link)
 prom dresses
Another one that I fancy is this one, the red and nude combination is so glam! (link)
red  prom dresses
And the last one, a ballerina like tulle dress : (link)
 pink prom dresses

If you liked my picks and you want to see more Prom Dresses Uk click here ( .I am sure that here you could find that special dress that you were looking forever.

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