It's all about the dress, the bridesmaids dress (P)

You know what I love at a wedding, besides the ravasing look of the bride? That they have the most gorgeous bridesmaids too! There are so many choices when it comes to the look of the ladies, imagination is our only limit.
One of the main expenses for bridesmaids is the cost of the dress and all the accessories that go along with it. If you’re lucky, the bride will give you some tips how the dress should look like and you will end up with one that you can wear again, and then the price will be worth it.

In today blog post I will show u my bridesmaids dress picks from Pickweddingdresses, an online store that has this kind of outfits.

First, a short dark red bridesmaid dress. Off all the shades, dark red is a classic and gorgeous color.  And mixed with a lace pattern it shows an incredible elegance. 
Nude dresses. Pale neutrals are all the rage and paired with nice colorfull bouquets look absolutely gorgeous!
 bridesmaids dress
Pink one showlder dresses. The palest of pinks makes a flattering and feminine bridesmaid dress color, which can be worn in any season and still look good.
 bridesmaids dress
Purple and dark blue. A wedding color staples, purple and blue are just as popular as ever. They are great colors for a hot summer wedding.
 bridesmaids dress

This bridesmaid dresses are lovely. For more colours and designs you should check them online visiting Pickweddingdresses.

Like them? What colour or style your bridesmaid dress would be?

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