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I love sweater dresses and they love me! The great thing about this type of dresses is the gazilion of styles, designs, knits, colors, prints and patterns they come in. You can wear them in any ocasion, at work, when going out or at a party and beside of that you can style them verry easily. They are so confy and chic and once you wil wear one you will absolutely fall in love! Just pull it over, get some tights, put the boots on, a coat and you’re done!

Today I've picked my favourite sweater dresses designs, ,from an online store named DressLily, to inspire you.

I love those oversized chunky sweater dresses, that look like are 10 sizes larger, but go amazing with classic stiletto pumps or thigh high boots.


This is a cute, chic, and defenetly a comfortable outfit.

Next a turtleneck fluffy one. This dress is made from a super soft material. It's versatile in the way that you can dress it up or be low key depending on the shoe you pair with it and whether you belt it up or not. This is such a great flattering dress, ftom top to bottom.


I also love those those thin, almost sheer, silky designs of sweater dresses. This dresses are a dream to wear and looks great with a leather moto jacket or Jean jacket. you can also wear it with boots and a cape or poncho. It is very versatile.
 Sweater dresses look great when you wear them with or opaque or semi-opaque tights.  Black is the best color because it is very slimming color on your legs, and it makes a perfect backdrop for any other color or pattern. The sweater dress (more designs here) is defenetly a completely cute, chic, and insanely comfortable outfit.
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