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NOTD Color nails using Farmasi
Black and bling nails
Notd-red bull nails using Golden Rose matte red
Sunday special : review Gerovital H3 Classic crema de noapte
T.P.A. Group Challenge-  No23 Splattering
Make-Up Forever HD Foundation review
Blue nails using Flormar no 450
NOTD-Gold and red
NOTD-diamond are a girl best friends
Balloons nails using Flormar
Sunday special : Persil expert gel- Buzzstore campain
T.P.A Group Challenge - Color Blocking NOTD
NOTD - Happy Valentines
Brown Chocolate nails
NOTD-A Certain Shade Of Green -Valentine's nails
NOTD- I'm Blue Da Ba De
T.P.A Group Challenge: 21. Studded nails
NOTD-black and green
Cartoon nails
NOTD-braided nail
NOTD monday brick nails
NOTD -Fashionista Mystical Dragon (emerald nails)