Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Q -Question mark

Today is another alphabet letter challenge : letter Q
Initialy i had something else in my mind but..i didn't have time to do it so i did an easy design instead. This is my not so inspired mani.


Produse folosite:
-Base coat / lac de baza
-Pastel no 93
-Flormar matte top coat
-Acrilic paint / culori acrilice

Pasii urmati

1.Aplicam lacul de baza
1.Apply the base coat
2.Aplicam doua straturi de oja albastru pastel
2.Apply two coats of pastel blue
3.Desenam cu acril personajul
3.Using acrilic paint draw the caracter
4.Matte top coat si gata
4.Matte top coat and done!
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