Blue, pink and glitter nails (NOTD)

Today I made another pink polish mani, this time using blue and glitter.

Produse folosite:
-Base coat / lac de baza
-Orkide Venus 326
-Kallos 28
-Flormar glitter gl01
-Top coat

Pasii urmati:
1.Aplicam lacul de baza
1.Apply the base coat
2.Pe degetul mijlociu si pe inelar aplicam oja roz Orkide
2.On the ring and middle finger apply two coats of pink polish
3.Pe restul unghiutelor aplicam doua straturi de oja albastra Kallos peste care aplicam un strat de Flormar glitter
3.On the rest of the nails apply blue nail polish and a glittery top coat
4.Top coat si gata!
4.Top coat and done!

Hope U like them! Have a gorgeous day!

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