Manichiura cu oja rosie si flori de cires

Today I have a lovely shade of red on my nails: Essence  no 114 femme fatale.

Produse folosite:
-Baza de unghii / base coat
-Essence 114 Femme fatale
-acrilic colors
-purple glitter
-nail accesories
Pasii urmati:
1.Aplicam baza
1.Apply the base coat.
2.Pe degetul inelar aplicam vopsea acrilica neagra si glitter mov
2.On the ring finger apply black acrilic paint and purple glitter
3.Pe restul degetelor aplicam 2 straturi de essence femme fatale
3.On the rest of the nails apply two coats of essence femme fatale
4.Pe degetul mijlociu am desenat floricele
4.On the  middle finger draw flowers
5.Aplicam accesorii de unghii
5.Apply nail accesories
6.Top coat si gata!
6.Top coat and done!

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